North Woods Cabin Getaway…in the basement !

How would you like to be able to sneak off to the family cabin for a little rest and relaxation anytime you wanted? 

That’s what Michael and Michelle can do, even after they put the baby down for a nap.  That’s because Superior Remodeling was able to bring the ambience of a cozy cabin close to home. In fact, it’s right down stairs in the basement!

Check out the details!

Rustic log paneling, knotty pine flooring and doors, an authentic twisted cypress post and an old fashioned stove for friends to gather around. To add to the out-in-the-woods theme, a window painting of wild deer, cedar shingle valences and a child’s playroom decorated with an original painted wall mural of forest creatures. The north woods décor is accented beautifully with specialty lighting fixtures and collectibles.

This “cabin” has all the amenities including a custom wet bar with sink, refrigerator, wine cooler, microwave and flat screen TV.

Adjoining the children’s play room is Daddy’s  Play Room — a HOME THEATER with raised platform seating, special lighting
and really BIG screen entertainment !

“. . . the ambience of a cozy cabin close to home.”

Dryer Vent Cleaning

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Fire departments recommend dryer vent cleaning annually.   A clogged dryer exhaust vent pipe is one of the leading causes of accidental fires in American homes.  A lint filled vent line is not only dangerous but wastes energy every time you use the dryer.  Adding another cycle of drying time to an inefficient operating dryer can waste money every load.

Having a complete dryer vent cleaning will reduce your energy usage and save you money on your utility bills.



A very common situation that Superior Remodeling is faced with lately is clients coming to us with mold in their attic space. This most often is due to improper venting of bath fan exhaust pipes into the attic or a lack of air circulation inside the attic space. Long-term mold in your attic can lead to structural issues with your roof framing and sheathing. It can lead to health issues. Should you decide to sell your home, it could lead to a sale falling through due to a buyer not understanding how mold can be treated and killed.

Items that contribute to this mold range from venting pipes becoming disconnected, contractors not running the proper insulated lines that are required by code, or a lack of gable vents, air baffles or roof vents in the roof itself. Not only will Superior Remodeling help to repair and remove the mold inside the attic, but we could also evaluate what caused the existing condition and make changes to alleviate problems in the future.

Call today for a free consultation and free estimate. We would be happy to explain how we can take this common home problem and make it right again for you.

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Construction / Logistics

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Superior Remodeling at the Home Expos

You might have seen us at a local Home Remodeling and Expo shows this summer or maybe you were introduced
to Superior Remodeling through Home Depot as a preferred contractor. We were certainly glad to see many of our loyal
repeat customers. Our display features various remodeling projects. Look for us. Stop by and say ’Hi!’