A very common situation that Superior Remodeling is faced with lately is clients coming to us with mold in their attic space. This most often is due to improper venting of bath fan exhaust pipes into the attic or a lack of air circulation inside the attic space. Long-term mold in your attic can lead to structural issues with your roof framing and sheathing. It can lead to health issues. Should you decide to sell your home, it could lead to a sale falling through due to a buyer not understanding how mold can be treated and killed.

Items that contribute to this mold range from venting pipes becoming disconnected, contractors not running the proper insulated lines that are required by code, or a lack of gable vents, air baffles or roof vents in the roof itself. Not only will Superior Remodeling help to repair and remove the mold inside the attic, but we could also evaluate what caused the existing condition and make changes to alleviate problems in the future.

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